About the client

Happiness is a skill just like writing or riding a bike. It’s easier for some, but everybody can improve by consciously working on it.

About the project

Live a purposeful life almost exempt of suffering, filled with daily numerous blissful moments based on small things that make you tick. Our vision of happiness is to lower unnecessary suffering to a minimum and help you live a daily life fulfilled with more and more blissful moments as you perform your happiness workouts.

Our solution

After giving her proper Ui of the site, and after doing continuous meetings, we decided to build this site using WordPress . So, after developing her site on our subdomain and after the days of proper testing, we finally implemented it on her live domain.

Complete UI/UX


Development Tools: Dream viewer, Xampp, My SQL, WordPress, Redux, For Testing: We did everything manually (No testing tool was used).


It was awesome to work with Talha and his team. They did it very professionally.
Talha Shoaib


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