About the client

Zeena Zaki is an Iraqi haute couture fashion designer. She launched her first fashion atelier in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates in 2003, where her fashion house operates under the label "Julea Domani", an epitome of both Edwardian and Victorian fashion eras which prove popular amongst the UAE's fashionista's. You can read more about her on Wikipedia.

About the project

Zeena Zaki wished to expand her dress selling business worldwide. So, she wished to have an online store. My job was to discuss each and every even minute part of this project and take it to the next level. As she herself was a designer so it was a challenging part for me and my team deliver to the best of ours. In short, we ended up a good business relation and provided what she needed and later on continuously doing store management as well.

Our solution

After giving her proper Ui of the store, and after doing continuous meetings, we decided to build this store using WordPress/Woocmmerce as she was having a lot of products to be entered into the store. So, after developing her store on our subdomain and after the days of proper testing, we finally implemented it on her live domain.

Complete UI/UX


Adobe XD, Some Illustrations on:Adobe Illustrator, For backgrounds removals and other images editing:Adobe Photoshop, Development Tools:Dream viewer, Xampp, My SQL, WordPress, Redux, For Testing:We did everything manually (No testing tool was used).


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Talha Shoaib
Talha Shoaib


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