About the client

Sorry for not sharing his name. He was from US and build his IOS app that was pretty successful over the apple store.

About the project

He came to me for redesign purpose of his site. Actually everything was blurry and was not in motion which was not looking attractive. So, I tried to make it attractive, responsive, simple and clean. He really liked that.

Our solution

I made his site's whole landing page using Revolution Slider Pro. It was my first time to do that but it was very enjoyable process. I managed to build whole landing page within 6 to 8 hours.

Complete UI/UX


For UI/UX:Adobe XD, Some Illustrations on:Adobe Illustrator, For backgrounds removals and other images editing:Adobe Photoshop, Development Tools:Dream viewer, Xampp, My SQL, WordPress, Redux, For Testing:We did everything manually (No testing tool was used).


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Talha Shoaib


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