How to update database of WordPress site using Updraft Plus plugin

Hi, today we are going to learn that you can update your WordPress site database by downloading it from another site that is duplicate of yours but have some extra orders or tables that you need to integrate into your site.

Good News: If you don’t have access to cPanel from where you may need to download database file, don’t worry. Because instead of doing it manually, we are going to do it through a plugin named:
Updraft Plus.

So, Follow these 7 steps below:

As we don’t have access to cPanel of the site of which we need a database, We did it through a plugin named: Updraft Plus


1) First of all, I took a fresh backup of “updated site” by using the updraft plugin.

2) Then, I downloaded the database file to my computer from that backup.

3) Then, I got login into the dashboard of “to be updated”. Where again I used a plugin named Updraftplus.

4) using it, I uploaded the updated database file that I downloaded from “updated site”.

5) What it did is, it updated the old database with the new database file of “updated site”.

6) Then the problem was that the version of the updated database was not compatible with woo-commerce. So, I updated the version to make it compatible with woo-commerce.

7) Now you can see that no of orders in “updated site” and “to be updated” are the same.

P.S: Before updating the database, no of orders and amount was not same as it is now.


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