Internal Server Error (WordPress)

One of the Reasons for ‘Internal Server Error’ is;

  • your files might have been moved out of you directory and have been moved to some other directory or at core location of your folder.
  • like in my case, originally my WordPress files location was: ‘’
  • I moved my files out of the wp folder.
  • after then, when I request the above URL to show my files, it gave me an internal server error
  • So now what? because now you have lost access to wp-admin as well.
  • don’t worry
  • login to your hosting provider cpanel
  • go to phpmyadmin
  • go to your database
  • go to wp-options table
  • on top two rows, you will find the site url and other url 
  • edit these two rows
  • and change your url to the original one
  • save the tables
  • congrats
  • your’e done
  • in my case
  • now my orignal url is:
  • tha’s it
  • if you have got another trick
  • please let others know about that
  • if you find any confusion or got any question, please let us know in the comment section below
  • thanks for your time

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