Quick tips and tricks to rank gig on Fiverr

Here are some of the quick tips and tricks to rank your fiverr gig on 1st page.

  • Do complete research on your keyword. Once you got your main keyword then
  • Find the same categories top-rated gigs that you wanted to sell and examine their title, tags, and gig Image
  • also, don’t edit your gig later again and again. That would de-rank your gig.
  • So, right after keyword research, make a gig image and mention your main keyword in your gig image as well. You can create beautiful gig images using Canva
  • While creating your gig, in your gig title, use the secondary keyword, not primary. (That would be more helpful)
  • In the tags field, you have to give 5 tags. So, you can give the tags from top-rated gigs.
  • On the next pricing page, use the keyword again whenever you get the chance.
  • Always set the price to 5$ at the start
  • On the description page, the important thing is that you have to mention your main keyword in the first 3 lines. Because FIVERR gives importance to the first 3 lines too much.
  • Try to add Faq’s as well. It’s a good impression.

Let me know in comments if you want to know anything else or knows any additional stuff.

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