Requirements to ask from a client before starting its WordPress website / woocommerce store.

Here is the template that you can send to your client before you start working on its WordPress website.

Usually I develop site on my domain and after you approve the whole site, I transfer it to your domain. But if you want it to be developed on your domain. Here I need the following from you:

  • Cpanel credentials of your hosting.
  • Wp admin crednetials (If you have already installed wordpress on your server)
  • Ftp credentials (If you are not willing to give cpanel credentials and have already setup wordpress on your server)
  • I may need cpanel credentials in future in case you don’t provide it now and I need to do something in database.

Please name the pages you want on your site and little bit info about those pages.

Contact information to be inserted in footer and contact email on which you will recieve response when someone submit the contact form on contact page.

Would you provide design for your website in the form of PSD, XD or Figma. Or is there any website/websites in your mind for design refrence.

What’s your expected timeline in your mind?

What’s your expected budget?

Additionlally if the clinet has woocommerce store insetead of simple wordpress site, The also ask the following;

How many number of products you are trying to have initially on your store? And how much total you have planned to sell on your store?

Do products have varitaions? On average, how many variations each product have?

Am I also responsible for adding the products?

what are your special requirements for your store? (I.e: Requirements that a basic store doesnt’ have like custom dynamic fields on single product page and spin to win markting techniques etc.)

Do you want all emails of customized design? Emails like order recieved, order completed etc.

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