Successfully completed “WordPress Security Masterclass – Defeat Hackers & Malware” By Alexander Oni

Everyone, who is connected with WordPress in whatever way, WordPress security is something that he/she must be aware of…

Successfully completed Alexander Oni Course on #WordPress_Security. Well, I was already aware of and was using most of these tips to make my client’s WordPress websites secure, But still, there was a lot of amazing stuff that I learned to make websites even more secure and how to restore an already hacked website?

Thanks, Alexander Oni for this amazing course. I really enjoyed that.

Soon, publishing my own security guide on my website

Is your WordPress website hacked?

Do you want to make it secure before it gets hack?

Do you think that your site is suddenly bombarded with unusual traffic?

Do you want to keep your site always up to date?

You can let me know at

and I will try my level best for your site.


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