What actions I take to optimize the speed of the WordPress website

  • First of all, I analyze the client’s website to check all the scripts that are taking too much time to load
  • I analyze the number of themes and plugins installed. Have to figure out that which plugins are extra and also which plugins have conflicts.
  • Check whether each and everything is updated or not? Means WordPress is having the latest version or not? Themes and plugins are updated or not? to delete all extra themes and plugins.
  • replace outdated plugins with similar latest plugins
  • which hosting client is using (One of the greatest factor behind website speed)
  • how old the website is? and from how long it’s not been speed optimized…
  • check the speed using the following tools:
    • Pingdom
    • GtMatrix
    • Google page speed
  • There are other tools as well. But these are my favorite
  • There are few plugins I usually use for speed optimization. But most of the time, these plugins don’t do enough. We have to do things in a manual way.
  • Plugins are:
  • There are others as well, will let you know later.

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