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How to market a WordPress Plugin

Submit plugin to WordPress directory. Offer it’s free version first. Submit plugin to ton of other different repositories to offer it free first. Keep track

Complete WordPress Security Guide for everyone

      WordPress Security Guide: Themes and plugins from authentic source/website (Theme-forest/theme shop) Excellent coded plugins remove the unused plugins always keep updated all

Troubleshooting WordPress

Here are a few points that you need to keep in mind Have a positive mindset Try to replicate the same problem in another site

Purchasing a Domain name

If you are from Pakistan and want to buy a domain, then is the best option especially for those who are facing problem in

Sections for one page website

Menus (Home, About Us, Contact Us, Features, Services) Slider Images Services Features About Us Stats Counter (Optional) Clients Testimonials (Optional) Product Gallery (Optional) Team Contact

Internal Server Error (WordPress)

One of the Reasons for ‘Internal Server Error’ is; your files might have been moved out of you directory and have been moved to some

simple form in html using php | Class Assignment

<?phpif (isset ($_POST[“submit”])){  $name = $_POST[“name”];  $fatherName = $_POST[“fname”];  $Dob = $_POST[“date”];  $eml = $_POST[“email”];   echo “name is: $name, <br>”.  ” Father name is:

A simple file upload code in php

<?php if (isset($_POST[‘submit’])){ $file_name = $_FILES[‘fileToUpload’][‘name’]; $file_type = $_FILES[“fileToUpload”][“type”]; $tmp_path = $_FILES[“fileToUpload”][“tmp_name”]; $path = ‘uploads/’.$file_name;      move_uploaded_file($tmp_path, $path); } ?> <!DOCTYPE HTML><html lang=”en”> <head>

Web Url validation

There is a small error in the code | I’ll fix it soon. If you know it, let me know as well <?php //php protion

Code for simple form in HTML with PHP

<?php if (isset($_POST[“btn”])) {  $nam=$_POST[“name”];$eml=$_POST[“email”];$pass=$_POST[“password”];      echo “$nam <br>”;    echo “$eml <br>”;    echo “$pass <br>”; } ?> <!DOCTYPE HTML><html lang=”en”> <head> <meta

how to find serial number and model number of any laptop

For serial number: Go to CMD, and type the following command:wmic bios get serialnumber —————————————————————————– For model number: Go to CMD, and type the following command:wmic csproduct



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